Performance Formula for Sport




It's a mess...

There he stands... focused, trying, giving it effort... doing what his coach is telling him.
Practicing the game he loves... desperate to do well in the pursuit of his dream...
it feels easy, simple and he thinks I got this... I can do this...

But then when he walks out onto the field, it all changes...
Overwhelmed by nerves, as a fear of failure sets in... frustrated, angry and not sure why he bothers as he leaves the field with yet another failure.

He is not alone...

There are so many athletes who struggle to convert their hours of training into performance during competition or on the field.

This leads to all those feelings that just make us miserable... and at a stretch we get stuck in this never ending cycle of practice more, to fail more, to feeling less confident or worthy.

And then we wonder if it is all really worth it?
But, how to fix it?
Where can we start?

Train more? Train harder? Hit the gym and punish ourselves?

Uhm... nope... it's time to look into the mirror and get real with ourselves, to start playing the game that makes all the difference when your performance is not flowing like you want.

What game is this...?

It's your game... your mental game, of course!

The mental game!!!

Ah, but I have no mental problems...
hmmm... this is not about having a mental problem...

Rather it is about you being your best consistently... you playing the game you love with freedom and with nothing, yes nothing... not even yourself... holding you back.

And to have these things, requires a process... a formula for you to follow so that you can get these outcomes you want.

It is a unique formula... your own, made by you for you.

You have that, right?

Uhm is that a no?

Cause that is what Mental Performance Coaching is for, it is for athletes who want more...
who have a big vision of what they want
and they are willing to pursue every opportunity to make themselves better
and who are ready to be held accountable for their actions.

It is definitely not for athletes who want to play small, are happy to be mediocre or for the ones who believe they can't change.

This type of coaching is for those special athletes who seek to leap into the unknown as they push their boundaries to live and perform to their potential.

It is for athletes who understand that to get all of these wonderful things into their life... they are required  to get into the formula of becoming.


I have conversations that get to the heart of how athletes, like you, are holding themselves back.
I build the personal systems that drive new behaviour in you to deliver the results you want.
I co-create with you, your personal Performance Formula.

My methods are supported through my training as a Meta-Coach & NLP Practitioner, these are supported with understanding of Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience-Semantics.

I mean, what would it be like if YOU, YOUR CHILD or ATHLETE...

Believed in themselves and played with confidence and freedom.
Trusted the process, through selection, failure and their own unique journey.
Were not holding themselves back anymore.
Can perform to their potential under the pressure of competition.

But mental performance coaching is...

inaccessible... I am available online from the comfort of your home.
only for the elite... I have worked with athletes from as young as 11 to international level and all the levels in between.
busy schedule... I am flexible and can be available when you are.
expensive... have a look at my rates, they are special.  See the donate page.


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