Moment Coaching


LIFE WITH JODY MARTINS products is coaching that helps people of all walks of life play at their best.


Do you need a coach just for a moment? A decision to make, clarity to gain, a conversation or presentation to rehearse?  Perhaps it’s a an upcoming meeting, or a change in behaviour.  Give up smoking? Over come a fear?  For any or all of these you want to structure your thoughts, move past a mental block or gain a bit more confidence.

All you need is someone to just support you in this moment.

Let’s get this done for you!

To living your best life!



What we cover
The time is yours.  Each session is dictated by what you bring and feel you need to talk about.  No topic is taboo.

We can communicate on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger or any other virtual platform.

All sessions to be paid in full before the call will be made.  You will receive a receipt of payment.  I will phone you on the day and time of our scheduled appointments.

Everything that is discussed between us in the coaching session is strictly confidential and I will not divulge any of the contents.

Although I take my own notes to track the conversation I suggest that you take your own notes during our time together.

All sessions will be a minimum of 1 hour.  Sessions can last longer depending on where we are in the conversation on the day.  All sessions will be between a week or two apart, no longer than that.

Book your time!
Once you have purchased this product, the return email will communicate all details on how we arrange the exact time of our conversations.  Note that I currently use South African time (GMT +2).