ACMC Meta Coach | NLP Practitioner


It’s 2009, I am in an unhappy place in my life, frustrated that my career is going nowhere, I feel like all my hard work is not paying off…

I walk into a training room… little did I know my life was about to change.

For a while now, I have been fascinated by the mind.  In particular how the mind affects talent development and peak performance.  I want to know how to coach better. I long to know how to effectively work with the mind of an athlete.  I want to know how to get them to perform to their potential, to their best.

So here I am with an opportunity to study, to get the training I want to help them.  Within the first hour of the training I hear these dreaded words.  ‘We are not here to learn how to do onto others, we are here to apply to self first…’

I am not here to look into the mirror.

I feel like I want to jump up and run away…

but I stay…

After that initial shock to my system way back in 2009, through the following 3 months everything in my life started to change, my relationship fell apart, my life got turned upside down.  Some of my worst fears came true… taking away the external things that shifted, my biggest challenges was on the inside… my mental battles with myself.

The reality of it all was overwhelming at the time… I would regularly think things like… ‘Life is not always easy, it’s a struggle at times, most times actually. Life feels like I am constantly drowning, gasping for air.  Like I wish I could just quit.’

To say, that time was tough, is an understatement.

Until, I started to do the work… the inner work of constantly asking myself to be the greatest version of myself, in all the roles I play.

What I've realized most, whether it's about an individual performance on a sports field or team effort in an office or visa versa… any place where people are involved, their ability to be successful in going after what they want, is very much dependent on not just their skills or talents, but more importantly the quality of the people they are.

The spaces we play in and the level to which they exist is an inside out experience, our beliefs, thoughts and emotional states are the makers of our perception and reality.

The struggles, giving up, wanting things easy is all a matter of my own thinking.   I choose what I think, feel and believe, now more than ever.  I choose everyday to believe, ‘Great Things are Happening’.

My journey as a coach has been evolving since day one from when I was a 16 year old, trying to coach 7 year olds to play a game I love, to now being someone who coaches people to play the games they love, to go after their great things.

I still apply to self first!