About The Performance Formula.

Closing the Gap Between Potential and Performance.

'Developing strategies to enhance potential and remove interferences.'

When individuals or teams are asked if the mental game is important... 100% of athletes and coaches say that it is. When asked if they have a strategy in place to develop their or their teams' mental performance?  Maybe 10% raise their hand.

Performance Equals Potential Minus Interferences.

The truth is that performance does not have one clear cut formula.  However there are hints when athletes speak and there are frameworks that point the way.

We will hear athletes say they played 'in the zone', with focus, freedom and flow.  The Performance Formula seeks to help each individual and team find their way of edging closer and closer to these concepts by removing all the barriers that stand in the way.

Research has shown that Mental Performance Coaching can improve performance by up to 50%.

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What Customers Say

After our conversations I put more emphasis on my preparation. I also identified energy sources that would motivate me to stay in tune with my processes.Temba Bavuma
The sessions whether group or individual has left many at peace and offered us a sense of direction though the simple techniques he has developed and shared with us.
Yaseen Valli
“I have found that our last session has helped me loads with my mental space in terms of backing my game and trusting myself.”Joshua Richards
“Jody helped me to overcome trying to control the things I cannot control. Now I can just focus on the important things in the moment.”Max Burroughes

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