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Have a big, bold, badass goal that you are going after?  Does it scare you?  Does it excite you?

Want a coach to be in your corner as you pursue it?

Then Journey Coaching is for you!

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Benefits of Journey Coaching

  • Develop your self (your thinking, feeling about your identity, values and beliefs) so that they can bring about the goals you are after.
  • Mental game coaching to keep your performances consistent and to the best of your potential.
  • Mindset development through ups and downs of your journey.
    be ready for all opportunities as they present themselves.
  • Gain clarity for all the big and small decisions you would need to make before you commit.


Below are some details of what can be included into your customized agreement with me.

Our agreement could be anywhere between 6 months to 5 years.  For any goals futher away than one year, we will have an agreement in place for at least the first 12 months where after we can review and see how we move to the next phase of achieving your goal.

Frequency of Conversations
Conversation frequency is completely customizable in terms or how regularly we meet and the duration of each conversation.

Conversation Methods
All conversations are either done on WhatsApp Video calls, FaceTime, Zoom or if possible Face to Face.  Other options that can be added includes a monthly check in phone call, messaging and attending practice or matches.

All costs are worked out and a quote is provided after the initial consultation.

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*Journey Consultations are charged at R400.