Your Mental Performance Coach

About Jody Martins


From the earliest days as a coach, Jody has had a deep fascination with performance.  His coaching journey started as a cricket coach and very early on he realised that performance is not just about having good skills and fitness.

He learned that the mind (thought and feelings) or rather lack of mind during performance is a far greater indicator of performance.

Now he partners with athletes who want to understand themselves and in doing so, design and build the lifestyle and processes that allow them to show up as their best consistently.

Career Highlights

Cricket Coach
1996-2020: Cricket Coach to Individuals & Teams. +50 Provincial Cricketers & +200 Area Cricketers within Gauteng Province.
2017: Celestial Knights Senior Head Coach wins LPL.
2018-2023: Director of Cricket Celestial Knights (7 trophies).

Mental Performance Coach - Highlights
2010-2023: Mental Performance Coach to +100 individual athletes.
2013-2014: Gauteng U19
2014-2016: Gauteng High Performance
2016: Gauteng Strikers
2020: Creator of the Performance Formula Online Mental Performance Coaching

2021: Kerala Cricket Association
2023: Fleetwood Town International Football Academy - Cape Town

Coach Education
2005-2018: Cricket South Africa Level 1 & 2 Course Presenter.
2020-2023: Cricket South Africa National Coach Developer, presenter at National Level 3 & 4 on Coaching Performance.