My mental game has become 10x stronger than it was before and every single bit of the content is useful in some way.

Matthew Barbour -  Young Cricketer

The 6-Week Champion Within Challenge is an opportunity to learn the mental game of sport.

Become a Performance Pioneer as you step out and trail blaze your approach to performance, by playing the inner game better.

The challenge is created from all the conversations that Jody has had with athletes across multiple sports of the past 13 years.  These conversations has been instrumental in creating the Performance Formula.


The Content of the Challenge

  • Week 1 - BRAND: - Learn the fundamentals about having a healthy mindset towards yourself and your performance.
  • Week 2 - OUTCOMES: - Set your goals for your performance and personal growth.
  • Week 3 - SKILLS: - Discover how skills grow and the mindset towards failure.
  • Week 4 - PERFORM: Explore the differences between practice (learning) and match  experiences (perform).
  • Week 5 - PROCESS: Build your own performance process.
  • Week 6 - BELIEF: Discover your limiting beliefs and gain strategies to build self-confidence.

What is included?

Bonus 1: Weekly Group Coaching Calls to support your progress.
Bonus 2: One on One online Mental Performance Coaching Sessions.
Bonus 3: Private Group for accountability.
Bonus 4: Performance Formula App for anywhere anytime growth.
Bonus 5: Trailblazer Community after completion of the challenge.

Download the Info

How to join the challenge?

Book a Performance Review Call.

Explore the current state of your performance.

Discuss the best option for you to achieve what you want.


Play to your potential!