Conversations that drive elite performance!

I work with individuals and teams who desire to be the best that they can be.  I work at high school, club and elite level, empowering people to be more so they can achieve more.

Personal Development for the Concious Cricketer

Options to get coaching listed below.

Moment Coaching

Moment Coaching is 1 or 2 coaching conversations that is aimed towards a specific desired result in a short space of time.

This is an opportunity to get ready to play and perform to your potential in an upcoming trial, match or tournament.

Gain more clarity and confidence, make a tough decision,  visualize your performance or work through emotions.

Amount of Sessions: 1 - 2 (60-120 minutes)


Journey Coaching

Journey Coaching is multiple conversations  towards specific long term goals.

The journey towards your goal can have many ups, downs, and side swipes.  This is an opportunity for you to have me as your coach as you pursue your biggest, boldest achievements.

Amount of Sessions: customized and agreed on after initial consultation.  For longer term goals typically an initial 12 month contract is agreed upon.

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