I’ve learned how to effectively prepare for challenges that lie ahead.  I would highly recommend working with Jody.

Temba Bavuma -  South African Cricketer

Who is this for?

I am excited to work with athletes who are high performers and are at the same time looking to up their game to the next level.

Yet, at some level, you are holding back.  Be it fear, doubt or negativity inside you, I am here to help you break free and step into being the full version of yourself.

You are tired of playing small and feel ready to leap into your success story.

What happens during a session?

Mental Performance Coaching provides you the opportunity to share your inner world in a safe space where you can explore how your beliefs, thoughts and emotions affect your performance.

Therefore, our conversations are completely confidential and I do not judge, criticise or look down on the things that play in your mind.

My role is to reflect back to you what you say, create awareness by asking questions and provide feedback to you on what I hear and see.

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