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Hey I am coach Jody,
I know what it feels like when you stand on the edge, ready to leap... and you pause... you hold back.

12+ Years Mental Performance Coach.
20+ Years Cricket Coach.

Whether you are an athlete or a just a person we all have something in life we are chasing after.  Call it your dream, vision or your goals, it's so easy to be inspired by them, but when it comes to the place where we have to start walking the path towards them...

We hold back!

Our ability to trust and believe in ourselves, to make the tough decisions and to show up as the best version of who we are... hides behind our doubts, fears and insecurities.

Just imagine how freeing and joyful life would be if you were able to step confidently onto the path you have in mind for yourself.

What if you had...

Belief drives performance... Mental Performance Coaching is conversations that explores your inner world, bring awareness, and shifts belief so you can go after what you want.

Deep Trust

To step forward into the unknown, deep trust is required. Trust even when we stare into the abyss of the unknown.

Unshakeable Confidence

When we pursue the uncommon, that bold goal... unshakeable confidence is necessary to step forward in the face of challenges that lie ahead.

Peace of Mind

Be calm, clear and stress free as you pursue the things that matter to you most.

Perform to Potential

Show your worth, freely and without holding back, consistently.

What others have to say.


'After our conversations I put more emphasis on my preparation.  I also identified energy sources that would motivate me to stay in tune with my processes.'

Temba Bavuma - South African Cricketer


‘At times of confusion and feeling unsettled, I would turn to Jody for assistance in finding clarity and a way forward.’

Enoch Nkwe - South African National Cricket Team Assistant Coach


'The sessions whether group or individual has left many at peace and offered us a sense of direction though the simple techniques he has developed and shared with us.'

Yaseen Valli - SWD Cricketer



Online Course to Optimise Your Mind for Performance.

10 years worth of Mental Performance Coaching with cricketers distilled into one course for you.

  • Learn all the mental game skills you will need to play your best cricket.
  • 90 Day Plan to get you taking action towards your Ultimate Goal.
  • Develop an empowering, champion mindset.
  • Learn how to use your mind to get what you want.
  • Discover where and how performance happens and how you can tap in to it consistently.
  • Learn how to practice for, and get ready to play at your best.
  • Build your own unique Performance Formula.

You are unique and therefor you need your own unique mental game!