Learn about the 5 Mental Blocks Cricketers Have and What to Do About Them


There is more to performance than just working on skills.

Stuck Where You Are

Hours of practice with little to no performance improvement? 

Hoping Next Time Goes Better

What if you rather played with mental clarity and belief in yourself?

Feeling Like Not Enough

Express yourself and your skills with confidence.

You can change that...


'So many cricketers delay the chance to work on themselves.  When they get to the end of their careers they are left with nothing but regret.  Playing careers are short, so why delay making the decision to become the best that you can be?'

Your Best Mind Brings About Your Best Skills.

When match days come, walk out onto the field with your chest out and head held high.  Feeling confident in knowing that you are as ready as you can ever be to express yourself and your skills.  Believing that what you desire is possible.

  • Leave your disappointments in the past.
  • Feel confident as you knock your doubts and fears out the park.
  • Cut through the mental clutter & get clear on how you play.
  • Develop your personal routines for performance.
  • Discover cutting edge mental technologies to thrive on the field.
  • Contribute to your teams success.

Is it time to get your mind in the game?


Looking for a quick fix?

I know that you want to make something more out of your cricket, perhaps even become a professional. Although the decision to be that is normally in the hands of administrators and coaches.

To be seen requires performance. Regular consistent performance. That is a lot of pressure, right!

So what do you do?  You try harder. You practice more. You push through the pain of disappointment.  You hope for better... next time.

Yet things don't go your way.  This makes you doubt yourself even more.

You want things to just be a little bit easier so you look for the quick fixes and easy tips or tricks that will make it all click in place for you...


About Jody Martins.

10+ Years as a Performance Coach.
20+ Years in Cricket.

Most cricketers spend lots of time at practice, disappointed at not seeing the results in the game.  I coach cricket players to get their mind in the game, so that they can be confident in consistently performing at their best.

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What others have to say.


'After our conversations I put more emphasis on my preparation.  I also identified energy sources that would motivate me to stay in tune with my processes.'

Temba Bavuma - South African Cricketer


‘At times of confusion and feeling unsettled, I would turn to Jody for assistance in finding clarity and a way forward.’

Enoch Nkwe - South African National Cricket Team Assistant Coach


'The sessions whether group or individual has left many at peace and offered us a sense of direction though the simple techniques he has developed and shared with us.'

Yaseen Valli - Easterns Cricketer



Online Course to Optimise Your Mind for Performance.

My past 10 year experiences with cricketers distilled into one course for you.

  • Learn all the mental game skills you will need to play your best cricket.
  • 90 Day Plan to get you taking action towards your Ultimate Goal.
  • Develop an empowering, champion mindset.
  • Learn how to use your mind to get what you want.
  • Discover where and how performance happens and how you can tap in to it consistently.
  • Learn how to practice for, and get ready to play at your best.
  • Build your own unique Performance Formula.

  1. You are unique and therefor you need your own unique mental game!