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Champion Within Challenge

Why this Course?

I developed this course after more than 10 years of work with elite-level athletes revealed that certain conversations repeated.  I distilled those conversations down into this course. This course teaches what the mental game is and how to practice it.

Who is this for?

Athletes as young as 12 (with parental support) to international level athletes have completed this course.

What is the commitment?

It is called a challenge for a reason. 6 weeks. 5 days a week. 20 minutes a day.

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Max Burroughes

Jody helped me to overcome trying to control the things I cannot control. Now I can just focus on the important things in the moment.


Robyn Searle

Before working with Jody, I neglected the mental side of my game which caused really inconsistent performances. My highs were enjoyable but I really struggled coming back from the lows.

I now actively put time into my mental game. I understand that some days I will be successful and other days not and that’s okay. I’m in a better headspace because my approach is now about doing my process correctly because that’s what I can control rather than focusing on my performances which is often out of my control.

I would highly recommend working with Jody. He has helped me become aware of my thoughts and how I can use them to my advantage. He has helped me see the big- picture outside of cricket.