I do not work for free, however all my work is donation based.  Your contribution for your Mental Performance Coaching or support of The Coaching Convo Podcast is greatly appreciated.

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Bank Transfer


Recently I had this phenomenal experience that just completely changed the game for me.  I was privileged enough to be part of a small group of people that took a deep dive into what we believe about ourselves, life and more...

What I gained was immeasurable, and it is impossible to repeat it all here.  However, my perception about money, the services I offer, the help I can give, the value I add... all of that shifted.

So yes, things cost money in this world!
And yes, I too have bills to pay.

Yet, to me what is more important than that is to serve you in the best possible way that I can.

All I ask is that as I show up to be the best of myself at all times for you...
that you commit to the amount or duration of work we agree upon and that you show up for yourself during our work together.

And then as and when you feel ready you can support me via a donation through one of the links above or below as you feel inspired to.


In the event that I would need to travel to you... let us please agree on the process for that to happen prior to my departure.  This could include flights and accommodation.


I am aware that this arrangement for payment of services can be quite strange, especially when and where there are processes in place within business or organisations.

In the event that you require an invoice, I am happy to provide one, once you let me know the amount to be added to the invoice.